Rainbow Internet Tele service Pvt Ltd is proud to announce the availability of high speed Internet access to its customers. Now you do not have to trouble with extra phone lines, unwanted cable services, or modem connection issues. Our Wi-Fi services offer always-on connectivity at high speeds and competitive prices.

A good internet connection should be reliable and fast. Rainbow Internet Service offers one of the fastest internet connection in the region with a maximum speed of upto 125Mbps, which we plan to expand to 150Mbps in the near future. We have adapted the “Fiber to The Home” (FTTH) technology which is meant to be the latest and most reliable form of internet communication. This technology uses fiber optic cables which are installed from the central network directly to home or offices.

We provide limited and unlimited high-speed broadband internet connections to homes, enterprises, and centers. Our revolutionary methods of service delivery and innovative packaging have set new market standards. Our solution is an extremely easy to use product, requiring no configuration. We are focused entirely to provide our esteemed household and corporate sector with customized Internet services.